The Supra E-Commerce team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience as our customer. At this time, we are happy to process automatic online returns up to 30 days after the initial purchase. RETURNS INSTRUCTIONS Returning a your shoes is a very simple process. Follow the detailed instructions in PART I and PART II (a) or (b) below and then proceed on to SHIPPING. PART I - ACCESS YOUR ORDER PART II (a) - REGISTERED USER: SUBMIT RETURN PART II (b) - GUEST USER: SUBMIT RETURN SHIPPING Once you've done PART's I & II above, it's time to ship your return. You will see the instructions in a popup once you click the RETURN button in PART II and will also get those instructions emailed to you. Your 2 shipping options are... OPTION A - DROPOFF AT FEDEX OFFICE OPTION B - U.S. POST OFFICE "AT HOME PICKUP" OPTION C - DROPOFF AT U.S. POST OFFICE OR FEDEX PARTNER LOCATION ❱ START A RETURN