Introducing the limited-edition Skytop 77 (300 pairs worldwide to be exact) - a fresh take on the Skytop 001 designed by the man himself, Chad Muska.


Drawing inspiration from the Stomper Skytop, the Skytop 77 features a higher toe & heel bumper, a toe cap, and embroidery detailing – including the number ‘77’, Chad’s birth year. With its use of suede & premium full grain nubuck, the Skytop 77 provides a soft velvet feel and touch. While there have been many limited revisions of the Skytop released throughout the years, the Skytop 77sets itself apart with its modernized design, while maintaining the spirit of Muska’s unapologetically loud original.



This is an update to the original SKYTOP 001 that turned out amazing! For all you original SKYTOP lovers this is a must! It really recharged my love for this shoe that has been in the market for over 11 years. I almost feel as if it should have always been made this way!” - Muska



After exclusive pre-release launches in London [Slam City Skates - July 3rd] and in Brooklyn, NY [Rime- July 17th], the Skytop 77 is proving to be a global hit with those both familiar and new to the Skytop franchise.



Available now in Black/White and Off-White/White grab yours before they're gone!