After the release of last year’s critically acclaimed Jobs? Never!! film Jim Greco returns with a new feature: The Skateboarding of Leandre Sanders and Ludvig Håkansson, aHammer VTG film. While Jobs? Never!! focused on Greco and Tom Penny’s days in Rome, Hammer VTG finds Jim behind the camera with the focus placed on two new skaters:  Leandre Sandersand Ludvig Hakånsson.

We sat down with Jim Greco to discuss his vision behind the new Hammer VTG film and newly released Hammer VTG shoe.


Jobs? Never!! was an amazing film and becoming a fan favorite - What were the differences between filming Jobs? Never!! and the new film: The Skateboarding of Leandre Sanders and Ludvig Håkansson, a Hammer VTG film.

Greco: Thank you. This wasn't shot on film and filmed over a much shorter period of time. Joey Sinko shot both.



Why did you choose to focus on two up and coming skaters for this feature?

Greco: It wasn’t because they are up and comers really,it was because they are interesting people, with 2 completely different styles.

What stood out about Leandre and Ludvig?

Greco: They both have very compelling subtleties; one doesn’t know which way he skates, the other looks like a debt collecting bruiser with smooth style, this is very intriguing to me, so I wanted to shoot a film of both of them together.



How much did the injuries received during the filming of Jobs? Never!! have on your decision to be behind the camera this time around?

Greco: None. I just wanted to make a film featuring the skateboarding of the 2 guys in the film.


Were there any injuries during this film?

Greco: Yes - Ludvig snapped his wrist on a backside lip slide-I guess there is some sort of curse with that trick now!!! (lol) We ended up in the same hospital as “Jobs? Never!!”. Trying the same trick out of the same ramp, got the same parking spot and I had on the same jacket when we drove him there. Hilarious! Also, Leandre twisted his ankle.



You continue to present skateboarding in a cinematic - storytelling light. Speak a bit about your filming style and what inspired this particular film.

Greco: Nothing other than the reasons mentioned above, at one point, I did want to make it circular, this is because I love “The Loneliest Runner” by Michael Landon, so I tried sticking Ludvig in the beginning with the snapped arm first, but it diverted too far from the general meaning of the piece and seemed heavier on one rather that the other. Because of this I stuck to the original plan, which was just the presentation of these two guys skateboarding in the [Hammer VTG] shoes, nothing more. Just a basic skateboard film.

What inspired the design of the Hammer VTG shoe and how does it differ from the previously released Greco?

Greco: I just wanted a vulcanized shoe to skate once in a while, the difference is that its a rubber toe cap on a longer vamp, none out there really like it. Also its on a dress shoe last, the difference is in all the smaller details. Just have to try it on to really see.

What stands out about the Hammer VTG shoe?

Greco: The shape.



What can fans expect next from you and Supra?

Greco: A new loafer coming out soon that I really like.