What happens when a skate legend and film director selects two young skaters from opposite ends of the globe to participate in the launch of his new pro model?

For the release of the Hammer VTG Jim Greco recruited up and comers Leandre Sanders and Ludvig Håkansson to star in his new feature film. We spoke with the young skaters to talk everything Hammer VTG and find out more about their experience working with Greco.


When was the first time you heard of Jim Greco?

LS: The first time I heard of [Uncle] Jim I got blessed with a Deathwish board from JJ’s Skate Shop in Hawthorne, Ca from Antwuan Dixon. It came with a Baker Has A DeathWish DVD and I was stoked and watch the whole video. That was the first time I heard of Jim - low key those are the only skate videos I really enjoyed as a kid; shit till this day I watch Baker Has A DeathWish 4. Jim kills that shit.

LH: I don’t remember, a long time ago. He’s one of my favorite skaters and the best dressed person I know.


What does it mean to be a part of the Hammer VTG project?

LS: Being apart of the Hammer VTG project is a huge blessing and there’s more to come this year from me and Jim.

LH: I’m very honored.


Did you experience an injury during the shooting?

LS; Yes I rolled my ankle really bad. I also had a bruised heel at the time when I rolled my ankle.

LH:Yes - I broke my left wrist.


How are you recovering?

LS:I rested up for a couple of days and was back out. So I’m doing good, I can kick flip again - Let’s get it!

LH: Its healing up fine. The American doctors did a good job on the surgery. Just got my cast off.



Thoughts on your co-star?

LS:Ludvig is the man! we both got a injury in the film and pushed through it. His style is sick! He was pumping me up to land the trick - It’s all love.

LH: He’s really good! Seems like he doesn’t really have a stance, skates both regular and goofy. I have no idea how he does that, its really sick!


How does the Hammer VTG stand out from other skate shoes?

LS: I mean you put on the Hammer VTG and get right on killing it! They’re so comfortable right out the box, they don't even need to be broken in.

LH: It’s a great shoe with a really cool design, like a 50s tennis shoe.


Best advice Greco shared with you?

LS: Jim shared a lot that made me get right to it. I once rolled my ankle and he told me everything to do to overcome it, three weeks later I was back on my board - JIM IS THE FUCKING MAN!!!!!!

LH: Outside of skate we go thrift shopping. If you find a good blazer, buy it, no matter how much it costs, if it’s the right fit and a rare pattern, it’s worth it.

What’s next for you as it relates your career in the world of skate?

LS: Dropping a banging part and designing shoes for Supra with Jim!!!

LH: Not really sure, continue to travel to LA I think. LA is my favorite place. So many good skate spots and good people!