Feature / #skytop Mapping The Skytop Bloodline
May 08, 2017
Mapping The Skytop Bloodline
Mapping The Skytop Bloodline
The Skytop franchise is an integral piece to the ongoing legacy of SUPRA Footwear. Originally released in 2007, Chad Muska’s signature Skytop was unlike anything on the market, blending simple skate inspiration with a fashion-forward silhouette, and it completely took the footwear industry by storm. Rather than resting on our laurels, Muska and SUPRA have always aimed to continue the spirit of innovative design with each new release, especially with the Skytop franchise’s iconic bloodline. From past, present, to future, let’s take a short walk down memory lane at each Skytop iteration.


The premise of the Skytop was to combine familiar aesthetics of traditional skate shoes with innovative aesthetic features of fashion forward footwear. The design team literally worked from the ground up and started with the ubiquitous and classic look of a vulcanized sole upon which they imagined a soaring high top silhouette. With distinct lines and paneling, an oversized tongue, and ample padding the Skytop offered all the necessary padding and function of a skate shoe in a completely overhauled design. The Skytop quickly caught the eyes of musicians, artists, DJs, actors, and soon it was a certifiable hit, one that has remained in the SUPRA line every season since its debut.



Skytop II
To follow up the original, Muska and the design team decided to take the formula of the first Skytop and to crank everything up to eleven. Again they went with a vulcanized sole for a foundation and constructed an even higher profile silhouette, a risky call considering how shocking the original’s height was to the public. Tweaking the paneling horizontally and giving the narrowly framed look more shine in the design amplified the soaring hightop, setting it apart from its predecessor and cementing itself as another stalwart of the catalog.



Skytop III
For the third installment of the Skytop franchise, Muska decided to alter his approach entirely and focus in on a lower profile, performance-driven silhouette that placed a premium on durability and function for skateboarding. The Skytop III introduced an all-new layered sole system that utilized an ultra soft EVA SUPRAFOAM midsole and footbed layered atop a molded rubber outsole. The profile was scaled down to a midtop with a unique TPU heel pull and distinctive die cut side paneling which changed from the original TPU cage in a recently updated design. The result is a comfortable high performance midtop that carries on the Skytop tradition of melding the worlds of athletic fashion and functional skate.



Skytop IV
While all Skytop releases seek to push what is possible in footwear design into the future, this was an even higher priority with the Skytop IV. Muska and the design team sought inspiration from classic science fiction films and surrealist painters to envision a futuristic high top that stayed true to the Skytop legacy. Further pushing the evolution of the first cup sole in its bloodline, the IV expands on the layered SUPRAFOAM construction of the III with a dominant EVA midsole with ridged accents set atop a molded rubber outsole. A perforated TPU panel blends inspiration from all previous Skytop designs while hexagonal eyelets and a ribbed tongue and heel collar add further details to the design.



Skytop V
This year we debuted the Skytop V a full decade after the Skytop’s original release. A lot has changed in the world since 2007 in skateboarding, footwear, and the world in general, but with the Skytop V, Muska wanted to continue the heritage that began with his original concept and to continue the spirit of skateboarding and innovation. The design integrates attributes of running shoes, vintage skate, and classic SUPRA DNA. The Skytop V begins with hinted familiarity of the embellished TPU heel pull and sleek reinterpretation of the paneling. A clean vamp, a feature of all Skytop iterations, is lengthier as a nod to the influence of lightweight athletic trainers. Elastic bands and a neoprene bootie provide optimal comfort without adding extra weight. The final result is an elegantly athletic midtop built for any speed.



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